• The tour starts and ends in Inverness. We collect you at accommodations within the city of Inverness. If you are staying furth of Inverness we arrange an RV point within the city.
  • The prices given include all surface transport, by vehicle and ferry, from Inverness to Orkney and back, and within Orkney, and including ferry fares; and guidance. Food and admission fees (Skara Brae, Maeshowe) are not included.
  • The "Cost per person" in the table below is given as a courtesy to save your doing the arithmetic. However, one person must be responsible for the whole booking and payments.
    # of Passengers in your Party
    (There is a reduction of £ 15 for each child in your party who will be < 15 at time of travel)
    Cost per person
    £ 490
    £ 490
    £ 530
    £ 265
    £ 570
    £ 190
    Click here for further
    info for groups of four

    To book send us an e-mail giving date(s) you wish to go, and number in your party. When we confirm the date you have requested a deposit of £ 100 is required to secure the booking; this is normally non-refundable. The balance of cost of the trip must be paid several weeks before departure of the trip.
    If you are resident in the UK then transfers to our bank a/c are free and the easiest way to pay. If you live furth of the UK it is probably easiest to pay by PayPal; see note immediately below.

    Please note
    that we should receive the actual amounts mentioned, not less any commissions or charges. In the case of PayPal their charges come to usually a little over £ 4 for each £ 100 they transfer. So for a trip costing £ 530 we would normally:
  • invoice you for £ 104 initial payment, expecting to receive just under £ 100;
  • invoice you for £ 447 final payment, expecting to receive just under £ 430
    Force majeure - in a Scottish islands context, this usually means adverse winds (though road blockage by a jack-knifed artic is also possible, or - more remotely - landslip). Since improvements to the Gills Bay terminal we have not had to cancel or modify any Go-Orkney MegaTour in the last 11 years. In the event that we cannot get to Orkney for any reason we give you a tour of some of the many scores of prehistoric sites in Caithness and east Sutherland, and spectacular coastal scenery, returning to Inverness by 1830 hrs or so. We make a refund of £ 60 + ferry charges.
    We do suggest to prospective clients that they give a selection of dates. However many - probably most - of the clients for these trips come to Inverness for 2 nights only, evidently for the sole purpose of fitting Orkney into a tight schedule.
    Sinclair Dunnett
    Inverness, September 2017

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  • If you're ready to book please e-mail us at: Puffin Express with the date(s) you wish and the number in your party.
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